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The goal at CEGA is for every child that walks in to overcome their fears, learn to work hard and get the recognition they deserve for that hard work. We believe that success comes from effort, not wins. I didn't always compete the best, but that's how character is built. We just want them to feel better about themselves when they walk out that door then when they walked in. "Gymnastics is hard, but let's face it, who doesn't want to learn to fly!"



Born and raised in Spencer County, gymnast Ashley Stratton wanted to share her love for the sport and the life lessons she's learned with the kids in her community. Competing as a Level 10 as well as being a Spencer County and U of L  cheerleader lent her memories and life lessons few kids have the opportunity to experience. "I feel that I benefited so much from my history in gymnastics. It is so gratifying to set goals, work towards them and achieve them. Gymnastics differs so much from many sports. There are always new skills to strive for regardless of your level. There's always a challenge!"  


Traveling to Jefferson County was many times a hardship for my family. After working all day in Louisville, the last thing my parents wanted to do was drive back in. I felt this was true for most folks so I decided to open a gym here in my home town.  Branching out into this small community was a little scary. Were there even enough kids to make this work? Well, yes there was! Being here is such a blessing. The families in Spencer Co. have been so receptive and encouraging. I'm just grateful for this opportunity and am so thankful for this community and all my customers.

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